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ularly popu〓lar this holiday s●eason. Sal●es Staff, said, "C●onsumers cho●ose small electroni●cs as gifts duri〓ng holidays. Sales■ of our small elect●ronics goods this s●eason could be u◆p around 50 to 80 p●ercent, compa●red with the same p◆eriod last ye●ar. The overall pric○e of those produc◆ts is down nearly■ a qua

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rter com●pared with a ye〓ar ago."Industry ins●iders say special of●fers are often 〓promoted ahead of f■estivals and ■holidays. Pre-holida〓y sales can ■help push ann■ual sales figures u●p, by more● than 10 percent.◆ Xu Lei, S○taff, www.3◆, sa●id, "

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Our various〓 promotions booste◆d our Janu〓ary sales by 3◆0 percent c■ompared with○ December last y●ear. The n◆umber was m■ore than dou◆bled compared〓 with January 2●009."The bo〓oming home app●liance market has al〓so boosted business ■for on-line electron●

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ic stores. On-lin●e stores can red◆uce various d■istribution an○d inventory costs.■ That's how e-shops■ offer more● attractiv●e prices, than tr●aditional outlets.● Fast delive〓ry time and p〓roduct rating s●ystems have■ also made ●internet shop

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ping ◆more convenient for ●some consum〓er groups.■ Xu Lei, said, "Co◆nsumers can vi●sit our stores anyt■ime of the day. W●e also put all cus●tomer ratings and pr◆oduct views online●, no matte○r if they are goo◆d or bad."L●u Renbo, V●ice Chairm

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〓an, China ●Electronic Chamber ◆of Commerce, s◆aid, "The key 〓competitive adva■ntage of an● online store ◆is price. ■They don't have 〓to run an ac●tual store, or ◆pay any ship◆ping or inventory■ costs. Th■at's why th●e sales pric●es of e-sho

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ps are ●usually 10 p◆ercent lower t●han in shopping mal●ls. There is○ no actual● winner or ○loser in this game. ●Virtual and 〓translatio■nal shops 〓can actual◆ly be very com○plementary to ◆one another."Som●e say tradit●ional home applia◆nce shops still〓 have room to impr●ove. Lu Renbo○, Vice Chairman Cha■mber

of Commerc◆e, said, "Tradit●ional stores could 〓further diversi○fy their product c■ategories. 〓The areas of hom〓e appliance stores i●n China are thousa■n